Open Source PBX | Asterisk

I’ve had numerous calls recently asking me about the (to simplify) open source version of PBX software, Asterisk.  Several years ago the State of Oregon extensively tested and deployed an Asterisk server, then later developed several cost-effective applications on the platform which their agency customer could not have otherwise afforded. They wrote up a briefContinue reading “Open Source PBX | Asterisk”

Small Town, Big Use of Open Source Software

Options Disable Get Free Shots One of the local government stories (success and challenge) we’d hoped to see at GOSCON this year was from the City of Northglenn, Colorado.  Christine Martinez,  formerly a systems analyst there, can’t join us this year but she was kind enough to share her slide set on that city’s extensiveContinue reading “Small Town, Big Use of Open Source Software”

Open Document Panel Video Released

During several days of last October’s Government Open Source Conference, we captured some of the sessions on video. We can’t cover them all, but I try to pick what we think will be of greatest interest after the conference is wrapped. My first Flick Pick of the Week is the Executive Panel on Open DocumentContinue reading “Open Document Panel Video Released”

Open source gaining traction in U.S. government

Quantifying what the rest of us have known intuitively for some time; more than half US agencies have adopted some form of open source software, according to a Federal Open Source Alliance (FOSA) survey just released. The top rationale for not adopting open-source software was organizational reluctance to change, according to the survey. This reflectsContinue reading “Open source gaining traction in U.S. government”

GOSCON Post-Conference; Taiwan OSS Pjt

I’ll be writing about what I learned at our third annual Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) for weeks. Many thanks to the speakers, sponsors, and the attendees who traveled from the four corners of the world to learn and share what they’re doing. During the conference I conducted an impromptu round-table BOF with some ofContinue reading “GOSCON Post-Conference; Taiwan OSS Pjt”

Public Sector Update: Spring 2007

I’ve had a number of requests for a presentation I did at the Portland, Oregon InnoTech Conference in April 2007, now shared here for easier access. Included was a brief general discussion of OSS adoption trends in the public sector and overviews of a number of current initiatives, touching on local, state, and federal examplesContinue reading “Public Sector Update: Spring 2007”