Webcast | e-Sri Lanka: Transforming Government and Society with ICT

My colleagues at the Global IT Group in DC and the e-Development Thematic Group in Russia at the World Bank are producing another outstanding web cast and I wanted to pass along the news.   These are very informative and professionally produced global discussions.  Sri Lanka’s expereince is of particular interest to me as they workedContinue reading “Webcast | e-Sri Lanka: Transforming Government and Society with ICT”

Best Practices for Software Development in Government

Last winter I received a request from the US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Policy to come Charleston and meet with a group of innovative law enforcement execs. If you belong to the public safety community or are interested in how governments are making collaboratives work, a copy of my presentation is viewable onContinue reading “Best Practices for Software Development in Government”

Matsue “Ruby City” Journey

http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=67348 Matsue City is a beautiful and remote city located in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The region has drawn national recognition for the Matsue “Ruby City” project, a highly innovative initiative to promote open source software through a collaborative partnership created by local industry, academia and government. I was very fortunate to have beenContinue reading “Matsue “Ruby City” Journey”

Open Source Voting : An idea of Global Importance

I just returned from Matsue, Japan, also known famously as “Ruby City” after the programming language whose inventor lives there. During my stay there I provided the keynote for a Shimane University-sponsored seminar on Open Source Software, Industry and Academic collaboration.  It was an honor to represent some of the institutions and groups in Oregon,Continue reading “Open Source Voting : An idea of Global Importance”

Community Source and Goverment Applications

I’m working on following up with a number of requests for information post-GOSCON.  Always number one on my list; agencies looking to determine if/how they might jump in to using open source software development methodology to produce government-specific applications.  These applications are typically costly since the market for such is limited.  Developing the same verticalContinue reading “Community Source and Goverment Applications”

Brazil: Joint Development Defines Free Software & Standards

It’s Day One of GOSCON and we’re about to start our distributed discussion “Global Dialogue on the Impact of Open Source Software in Transforming Government”. Marcos Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni shared these comments on the sustained government initiative in Brazil to use open source and open standards – proprietary software not excluded.  Comments include his viewsContinue reading “Brazil: Joint Development Defines Free Software & Standards”