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Open Source Software adoption in government – in the U.S. and abroad – including applications, tools and systems; emerging trends and notable projects; methodology and governance models; participation in open source communities; best practices and case studies are frequent topics addressed by principal consultant Deborah Bryant.  If you are interested in having her speak please contact us at

Public Speaking C.V.:

With emphasis on Open Source Software communities

Docker Community All-Hands 2022 | Panel: The Role of Open Source Foundations

Practical Open Source Information (POSI) 2021 | How to Talk to Your Boss about Open Source

Tidelift Upstream 2021 | Creating Authentic Value with Open Source

SFSCon 2019 Bolzano, Italy | Invited Speaker: FOSS Things to Pay Attention to in 2020

Astricon 2018 | Keynote: A Decade of Open Source in Telecom

Red Hat TechExchange North America 2018| Opening Keynote: Open Culture

Apero Foundation ApereoCon 2018 Montreal | Keynote: Women in Open Source

Drupal GovCon 2018 | Keynote: Women in Open Source

OSCON 2018 | The Future is still Open: Two Decades of Collaboration

Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit 2012 Sononma | How to be an Effective Non-Profit Board Member

Invited: UNESCO 2017 Global Conference | Panel: Open Solutions

Paris Open Source Summit 2017 | Building Confidence in Products Starts with Good Citizenship

Open Summit 2016 NYU | Panel Moderator: The Open Start-up: Introducing, implementing and integrating open initiatives on university campuses

LinuxCon Europe 2015 – Higher Education in the Open Ecosystem: Exemplary Projects and People

Open Source Conference 2013 | Open Source Community Foundations 101: Tutorial

InfoSec Technology Transition Council 2012, SRI Int’l | Expert Panel: Government, Open Source and the Suricata Story

Open Source Software Day 2011, Seoul, South Korea | Keynote: Public Sector Adoption of Open Source
OpenGov & eParticipation Summit, Belfast Northern Ireland |  Keynote: Open Government 2011
Policy, Technology, and Community in the US & Canada
Open Source Trends in Government: How is it being used? | Palmetto Open Source Conference 2011
O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2010 | Health IT Track Opening Session: Open Source and Health IT
Technology for Crisis Intervention Personnel (TCIP) 2010 | Panel: Open Source Tools for First Responders
Palmetto Open Source Conference 2010 | Executive Panelist, CIO Forum
Invited: Open Health Belfast 2010 | Open Source Health IT in the United States
International Open Source Software Conference, Caseres, Spain 2009 (part of three city lecture tour) | Community Management in the Public Sector, US Public Sector Adoption of Open Source Software
O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2009 | Why the Government is turning to Open Source
Shimane Open Source Salon 2009 | Open Source Software and Public/Private Collaboration
Shimane University (Japan) Industry and Economic Development Symposium, Keynote 2009 | Oregon and Open Source IT Open Ecosystem, Best Practices
WebVisions 2008 | Why Open Source Makes for Great Collaboration
GIS in Action 2007 | Panel: Open Geospatial Tools and Applications
InnoTech Conference 2006, 2007, 2008 | Panel: Open Source Use Cases in Government
Oregon Association of Government IT Managers 2006, 2008, 2010 | Open Source Lab – a Global Resource in Oregon
Gartner Spring Summit 2006 | Executive Panel: Adopting Open Source Software in the Public Sector
Washington Information Professionals Association 2005 | Open Source Opportunity for Government
Gartner Open Source Summit 2005| Government as Early Adopters of OSS

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