Brazil: Joint Development Defines Free Software & Standards

It’s Day One of GOSCON and we’re about to start our distributed discussion “Global Dialogue on the Impact of Open Source Software in Transforming Government”. Marcos Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni shared these comments on the sustained government initiative in Brazil to use open source and open standards – proprietary software not excluded.  Comments include his viewsContinue reading “Brazil: Joint Development Defines Free Software & Standards”

GOSCON/World Bank Global Webcast Scheduled

International Government Open Source Dignitaries Lead Discussion I promised to share information on the webcast when it became available.  Here it is: Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON),  Oregon State University and the World Bank’s e-Development Thematic Group invite you to join via live webcast a videoconferenced Global Dialogue between Portland, Washington DC, Moscow, Colombo, Dakar,Continue reading “GOSCON/World Bank Global Webcast Scheduled”