GOSCON/World Bank Global Webcast Scheduled

International Government Open Source Dignitaries Lead Discussion

I promised to share information on the webcast when it became available.  Here it is:

Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON),  Oregon State University

and the World Bank’s e-Development Thematic Group

invite you to join via live webcast a
videoconferenced Global Dialogue between Portland, Washington DC, Moscow,
Colombo, Dakar, Accra, Kigali and Brasilia on:

The Impact of Open Source Software on Transforming Government

12:00 – 3:00 pm (Washington DC time), October 20, 2008

LIVE WEBCAST: http://www.worldbank.org/edevelopment/live

Preregistration is recommended at the webcast site.

See web site for participating speakers.

Event Abstract: Government transformation and information and communication technology
dignitaries from around the world will convene in person and via video
conference for a Global Dialogue on “The Impact of Open Source Software on
Transforming Government”. The discussion will include 6 countries on five
continents, presenting a range of initiatives, opportunities and experience on a
range topics which are of critical importance to governments everywhere.  This
executive panel represents an outstanding global, non-technical  view of the
impact of Open Source Software based on their direct experience. The workshop
will explore both the business case and real-world applications for open
technology to deliver the next generation of government services. The US has
valuable experience in open source software development, at the federal, local
and academic level. The speakers assembled in Oregon will provide a very rich
base for the policy dialogue with policy makers from our client countries. This
is also a great opportunity for South-South dialogue on this important topic for
governments worldwide.

All materials will be available on the GOSCON web site.

About e-Development Thematic Group

e-Development Thematic Group is a global forum and community of professionals
interested in the role of ICT in development,  open for participation by both
World Bank staff and external clients and partners. The e-TG is hosted by Global
ICT Dept in collaboration with ISG, WBI, PREM, and other partners. Visit us at
http://www.worldbank.org/edevelopment to download materials for this and all
previous e-development seminars (over 120 since 2001). Watch some of the recent
events sponsored by the e-Development Thematic Group if you missed them (with
links to videos, slides, speaker profiles, exclusive interviews, background
materials etc.)

ICT Applications for the Public Sector http://go.worldbank.org/YLBJQROJZ0
Government Enterprise Architecture as Enabler of Public Sector Reform
Next-Generation Organizational Models for e-Government
India’s Emergence as a Global IT Player: The Role of NASSCOM
The Potential of Global Sourcing of Services for Growth

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