The World Joins the Government Open Source Conference

I’ve been talking with some colleagues over the past few months about putting together a group of folks from Washington, D.C. at the World Bank offices there for a joint session during our first ever International Open ICT Summit.  I’d met Samia Melhem when we spoke on a panel together at a Gartner Summit a few years ago and we’d been looking to find a way to collaborate since.

The World Bank GLobal ICT Dept is an amazing, distributed team who, in just a few days, have facilitated connections with Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Rwanda, Senegal, in addition to D.C. and our own site in Portland Oregon on October 20.  The World Bank Global ICT Department facilitates high-quality educational global discussions at the national executive level. We are fortunate to be able to bring the fine slate of speakers at our summit into a panel discussion with government open source luminaries around the world. You’ll find the summit program on the conference web site.

I’m very excited we’re extending the reach of the conference to audiences and speakers who otherwise could not join us.  On tap:

From Portland attending Goscon:

•    Tim Ney, co-founder, Linux Greenhouse
•    Andy Stein, City of Newport News, Virginia
•    Mel McIntyre, OpenForum Europe

International Distributed Panel

•    From Brazil:  Marcos Vinicius Ferreira Mazoni
•    From Sri Lanka:  Shahani Weerawarana, PhD

•    From Washington DC:  Samia Melhem, Chair eDevelopment Thematic Group; Vivek Kundra, CIO of DC (invited)
•    From Russia: Yuri Hohlov, Chairman, Institute for Information Society Russia

We’ll also be web-casting the morning videoconference.  I’ll post when when have those details available.

If you’re in any of the countries listed, drop a line if you’d like an invitation to join the remote events.  email deb-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Many things to Oleg Petrov, Samia Melhem and Mikhail Bunchuk at the World Bank Global ICT Department for their support in making this happen.

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