Public Health IT and Open Source Software | Focus at GOSCON 2008

I’m happy to report GOSCON this year is featuring more government open source projects and implementations that ever.  I’m especially excited about our Open Public Health IT track which covers the spectrum between local and international governments and vendors.  GOSCON is all about building the IT ecosystem and I’m pleased to say this will beContinue reading “Public Health IT and Open Source Software | Focus at GOSCON 2008”

Open Source Software to Support EPA’s National Environmental Information Exchange Network

I’m not a fan of simply passing along a press release, but I found this one to exemplifiy the growing trend I see in open source software in government; OSS adoption and use is moving beyond tools and infrastructure and up the stack More vendors are becoming involved in providing services and support, key toContinue reading “Open Source Software to Support EPA’s National Environmental Information Exchange Network”

Open source gaining traction in U.S. government

Quantifying what the rest of us have known intuitively for some time; more than half US agencies have adopted some form of open source software, according to a Federal Open Source Alliance (FOSA) survey just released. The top rationale for not adopting open-source software was organizational reluctance to change, according to the survey. This reflectsContinue reading “Open source gaining traction in U.S. government”

GOSCON Post-Conference; Taiwan OSS Pjt

I’ll be writing about what I learned at our third annual Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) for weeks. Many thanks to the speakers, sponsors, and the attendees who traveled from the four corners of the world to learn and share what they’re doing. During the conference I conducted an impromptu round-table BOF with some ofContinue reading “GOSCON Post-Conference; Taiwan OSS Pjt”

Australia’s Open Source Initative Matures

CIO Magazine has noted Australia’s maturity in the Open Source Software in government, interviewing Gartner Research’s leading OSS analyst for that sector – Andrea DiMaio – in an article entitled “Public Sector Warms to Open Source“. It’s been over two years since the country released its “Guide to Open Source Software for Australian Government Agencies”.Continue reading “Australia’s Open Source Initative Matures”