Oregon’s Health Record Bank Project


I have not been tracking  Oregon’s Health Record Bank (HRB) project closely the last several months after it slowed progress, but current documents are now available for this project.  Oregon’s Department of Human Services Office of Medical Assistance Program (DHS OMAP) was granted $5.5mm as transformational technology in 2007.  Open source technology and Oregon’s local resources and domain expertise where named in the original grant proposal.  I think this is an important project because it distinguishes itself from most other HRB projects in that the information is patient centric.  Under the proposed approach, the patient, not the provider, is the owner of their own medical information.  Score one for  individual information rights, with a difference that can truely mean life and death.

The project was scheduled to let a Request for Proposal (RFP) this month, February 2009.  Oregon’s DSH has a big challenge on their hands as they must consider the simultanious replacement of their thirty year old (yes – 30) Medical Management Information System (MMIS) at the same time, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge.  More information is available at the official project web site.

You and also click on the architecture slide below to download the current project overview.

Download  current project overview
Download current project overview

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