At OSCON: Why the Government is Turning to Open Source

OSCON 2009I ‘m excited about speaking at O’Reilly’s OSCON next week, and I’ll be joined by fantastic panelists. My session is 4:30pm Wednesday, July 22.

Deborah Bryant (OSU Open Source Lab), Bjorn Freeman-Benson (DemocracyLab), Greg Lund-Chaix (Oregon State University Open Source Lab), Clay Johnson (Sunlight Labs), Aleksandar Totic (Open Source Digital Voting Foundation)
Open source shares critical values with government and public education that make them function in the ideal; meritocracy of ideas, transparency, collaboration. But where is the sweet spot in the confluence of these social, technical, and public policy ideals? And where is the opportunity for the citizen developer to get involved? Read more.

See you at OSCON!

OSCON 2008

If you’re in Portland, Oregon next week at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention – OSCON – be sure to drop by and say hello.  I’ll be there with staff and students from the OSU Open Source Lab in Booth 401.  On July 23 and 24, you’ll be able to take a Virtual Tour of our data center and talk with staff and students.  OSL is home to many notable open source software projects and organizational infrastructure such as Apache Foundation, Linux Foundation & the Kernel, Drupal,, Gentoo and Debian Linux.

I’ll be on the lookout for interesting projects and people to showcase in the upcoming International Open ICT Summit, a new feature of GOSCON (the Government Open Source Conference – not affiliated with O’Reilly Media, but everyone at O’Reilly has been very supportive of our non-profit conference which focuses on public sector IT management, planning, legal and procurement personnel).

If you’re not registered for OSCON but would like to come see the exhibits, you can register for a  gratis pass .