Government Open Source Conference 2007

Some day I will join the ranks of diligent bloggers and post here with reasonable frequency. In the mean time, my writing efforts all flow to my favorite project, Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON). It’s coming up in just two weeks in Portland. The process of creating this hand-crafted event gives me plenty to share,Continue reading “Government Open Source Conference 2007”

The City of Newport News, Virginia “Open eGov” project merged with PloneGov

Andy Stein, IT Director for the City of Newport News, Virgina, shared the news of NN’s recently released eGov platform which has now joined PloneGov.  In his email today to colleagues Andy related… “Open eGov is our initiative to create a collaboration of multiple local governments that share in the cost of software enhancements andContinue reading “The City of Newport News, Virginia “Open eGov” project merged with PloneGov”