Vermont Department of Taxes Announces Open Source Project

Exciting news from the IT team at Vermont Department of Taxes; Gateway, an open source application providing an XML based web service for accepting tax submissions was released today.

According to the description on the project web site on SourceForge where the project is currently hosted, gateway is a JavaEE application developed by the Vermont Department of Taxes. It provides a web services framework for accepting Streamlined Sales Tax registrations and returns. It also includes a web interface for manually submitting transmissions. The goal is to build an extensible framework upon which future tax services can be built.

Congratulations on your first public release!

Public Sector Update: Spring 2007

I’ve had a number of requests for a presentation I did at the Portland, Oregon InnoTech Conference in April 2007, now shared here for easier access. Included was a brief general discussion of OSS adoption trends in the public sector and overviews of a number of current initiatives, touching on local, state, and federal examples ranging from GIS, eGov, to technology and policy frameworks.

Also included in the later portion of the deck; a briefing on the Oregon Virtual School District (OSVD) and key open source technology deployed there supporting the student learning portal and curriculum development and delivery. OSU’s Open Source Lab is doing the OSS-related development on this innovative K-12 project. Contacts and links for further exploration are included for both presentations.

RI State Open Source Pioneer Gains Public Recognition

James Willis, Rhode Island and pioneer in the adoption of open source for his state’s agency’s government web site, recently concluded his tenure with the state. The Providence Business News covered his departure from public service in an extensive article highlighting the work for which Willis gained national recognition. The collaborative model used by this state in which RI agencies opted in to provide and share web content has strengthened its ability to provide greater transparency of information to the citizen it serves, consistent with Willis’ philosophy.  Thanks!

Open Source Presentation Sets

For those of you looking for some content highlights from the recent Government Open Source Conference, here are a few of my favorites which also stand well on their own. Key concepts for 2006: Developing collaborative communites expressly for government-centric applications; general practical knowlege and best practices for public sector IT management on the adoption of open source software in their organizatons.

A full list of downloadable 2006 presentations can be found at the conference web site. To come next week; selected pod-cast interviews with some of our presenters.

Pre-Construction Notice

If you’ve reached this blog in late 2006, you’ve found a shell of a blog site. This is the blog site for Deborah Bryant, Public Sector Communities Manager at OSU’s Open Source Lab and convener of all things open source for government. I’ve not shared this site with the public yet in its current content-free state. In the coming weeks, look for insights and information that complement the core of activity associated with the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) which we created in 2005. Thanks for dropping in, I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon.