We’ll Always Have Paris | Capitale du Libre Conference Sept 24-45

Someone will have Paris – not me this week – but I want to thank Alexander Zapolsky of Linagora for kindly inviting me to speak on September 24 at the Capitale du Libre conference  on the wonderfully titled panel “The Public Sector is Crazy for Open Source Softwares”.  This highly popular event, underwritten in part by the French government and commercial sponsors draws technical, business, academic  and business crowds en masse.

We won’t likely see the US government sponsor an open source conference any time soon, but it is good to see federal agencies increasingly use open source in their operations.

Back in Paris, the economic development wonks will debate where the money may be in open source business models for their respective countries.  In the US, the IT ecosystem continues to grow, bolstering successful enterprise deployments on open source software in all levels of government.

So if you happen to be in Paris, it’s free.  And Libre too.
Capitale du Libre conference

Maison Internationale, Paris, France – September, 24th and 25th, 2008
17 boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

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