Linux, Unix, and Sun

LinuxToday’s editor and contributor to many technical publications, Brian Proffitt covered GOSCON 2007 and continues to share pearls from his time with presenters and attendees. He has a gift for ferreting out the stories beyond the usual conference din. His original story can be found at, I’m sharing the more intriguing portion here of his take on the use of Linux vs. Unix and Sun Solaris in the government environment based on conversations with some of the managers attending the conference in Portland, Oregon.
October 24, 2007
Enterprise Unix Roundup: Government Vibes, A New OS X
By Brian Proffitt

In an effort to actually live up to the proud name of Enterprise Unix Roundup, I thought this column would actually try to be a roundup.

Part of the rationale for such a structure this week is due to my recent return from Portland, having attended the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON). No official Unix news came out of GOSCON, although there was a brief exchange during a keynote of the conference that gave me a brief glimpse into what the public sector might be thinking in terms of Unix, Linux and Windows deployments. Continue reading

GOSCON Post-Conference; Taiwan OSS Pjt

I’ll be writing about what I learned at our third annual Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) for weeks. Many thanks to the speakers, sponsors, and the attendees who traveled from the four corners of the world to learn and share what they’re doing.

During the conference I conducted an impromptu round-table BOF with some of our international guests; Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan were represented. Ryan Chung of Taiwan’s Institute of Information’s Open Source Group was kind enough to spend that evening in his room translating a  presentation on their National Open Source Promotion Project into English for the rest of us, very nice! and included here to share with you. More on the rest of the international delegation next week.

In the can for near-term distribution; podcasts, videos and presentations for sharing. Our attendees will have first crack at the presentations, then the general public will find them available for download in about three weeks on the GOSCON web site.

ODF |Open Document Format Debate at GOSCON

In the summer of 2005, I took on the challenge of creating the first Open Source Conference focused on government. My first phone call was to Linda Hamel from Massachusetts. Hamel had created a Legal Toolkit for state agencies which had become an outstanding reference. What I didn’t know at the time was that Massachusetts was about to embark on open standards journey that would draw the attention of government and private sector alike. After two years has become very clear to me that this issue of open the documents deserves maximum public exposure, public debate possible.

My thanks to go the industry players that are arm-wrestling over the issue, and to to the OpenDocument Foundation who will join, for bringing this important discussion to GOSCON on Tuesday, October 16th;

  • Douglas W. Johnson, manager, Standards Strategy, Corporate Standards, Sun Microsystems
  • Arnaud Le Hors, program director, Standards & Emerging Markets, IBM Open Source & Standards Project Office
  • Buck “Marbux” Martin, director of legal affairs, OpenDocument Foundation
  • Jason Matusow, senior director of interoperability, Microsoft Corporation

Here’s the full press release from earlier this week:

GOSCON Executive Panel Will Help Navigate the Sharp Turns in Open Document Debate

This year’s conference will close with today’s most pressing issue for international governments; panelists from Microsoft, Sun, IBM and the OpenDocument Foundation to weigh in

Continue reading