The City of Newport News, Virginia “Open eGov” project merged with PloneGov

Andy Stein, IT Director for the City of Newport News, Virgina, shared the news of NN’s recently released eGov platform which has now joined PloneGov.  In his email today to colleagues Andy related…

“Open eGov is our initiative to create a collaboration of multiple local governments that share in the cost of software enhancements and operations for eGovernment functionality. By joining PloneGov, we merge with an existing project which has a membership of about 55 government organizations from multiple countries, all using the same technology and interested in collaboration.

Many of you already converted to a Content Management System. If not, then PloneGov may be an excellent alternative for you.

You may know about smaller organizations in your region which may be interested in this approach. I would appreciate you forwarding this note to the peer groups in your region.

The technology we use is very scalable and there is a strong base of large organizations running it. However the larger organizations seem to be favoring solutions that come from tier 1 vendors, which is the reason I am targeting medium size localities and smaller.”

Press Releases Available:

“The City of Newport News, Virginia “Open eGov” project merged with PloneGov “

Corresponding news item published on the PloneGov site

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