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OSCON 2013

On Tuesday the 23rd  Bryant will be joining other non-profit foundations to deliver a tutorial called “Open Source Foundations 101” organized by fellow OSI board member Simon Phipps.
Also Tuesdsay she’s looking forward to joining staff and alums from Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) to celebrate their 1oth anniversary.
On Wednesday the 23th she’ll support another favorite non-profit and join DemocracyLab at their booth for the traditional Booth Crawl – meet her there to hear the d-Lab pitch, or if you’re a dev, you can head over the d-Lab 5p.m. Hackathon at New Relic’s Portland Headquarters.
Community Leadership Summit, July 19,20 2013, Portland OR
8th Annual EnergySec Security Summit  September 25- 27, 2012, Portland OR
Energy industry non-profit consortium EnergySec holds its annual conference,  hosts the Energy CISO Forum and the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization (NESCO) Town Hall meeting.  Deborah Bryant will keynote on Community and Collaboration and discuss what she learned as Principal Investigator in a recently completed study on the use of  Open Source in Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry.

Open Cybersecurity Summit  October 18, 2012 Washington D.C.

Bryant & Associates is organizing this even on behalf of the HOST project for the Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology, Cyber Security Division.  Cross industry focus in on the use of open source tools, projects and resources for meeting cyberseurity challenges in the public sector.  Call for Papers is open until September 20th,  registration is open.